The invention relates to novel substituted aryl sulphonyl amino (thio) carbonyl triazolin(thi)ones of formula (I) in which Ar is possibly substituted arylene or heteroarylene; Q<1> is oxygen or sulphur; Q<2> is oxygen or sulphur; R<1> is hydrogen, hydroxy, amino, alkylidene amino or a possibly substitued radical from the series alkyl, alkenyl, alkinyl, alkoxy, alkenyloxy, alkylamino, dialkylamino, alkanoylamino, cycloalkyl, cycloalkyl alkyl, aryl, arylalkyl; R<2> is hydrogen, hydroxy, mercapto, amino, halogen or a possibly substituted radical from the series alkyl, alkenyl, alkinyl, alkoxy, alkenyloxy, alkinyloxy, alkylthio, alkenylthio, alkinylthio, alkylamino, alkenylamino, alkinylamino, dialkylamino, alkanoylamino, aziridino, pyrrolidino, piperidino, morpholino, cycloalkyl, cycloalkenyl, cycloalkoxy, cycloalkylthio, cycloalkylamino, cycloalkyl alkyl, cycloalkyl alkoxy, cycloalkyl alkylthio, cycloalkyl alkylamino, aryl, aryloxy, arylthio, arylamino, arylalkyl, arylalkoxy, arylalkylthio, arylalkylamino, heterocyclyloxy, heterocyclylthio; or R<1> and R<2> together are possibly branched alkandiyl; and R<3> is possibly substituted heterocyclyl; and salts of the compounds of formula (I), process for producing the novel compounds and their use as herbicides.




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