Wind power rotor blade adjuster in light wind

Einrichtung zur Einstellung der Blätter von Vertikalachs-Rotoren für den Schwachwindanlauf und für die Überlastabschaltung


Wind speed (V) and direction (BETA) are measured relative a spatially fixed system of coordinates so the control computer etc. (E) can produce positional commands for blade alignment reference a rotor-fixed coordinate system so the mechanical blade adjusters on the leeward side of the blade trajectory set blades at right angles to the wind compared with the upwind side which now lines up with the wind. The blades are adjusted continuously round their trajectory on the basis of a control function from the control unit. The blades are adjusted so the increasing rotor speed is measured on starting and the resulting fluctuating oncoming wind flow allowed for in the control unit so the blades round part of all of the trajectory adopt their airfoil position. The control uses the adjusters to bring the blades radial to the rotor axis at maximum wind speed and thus halt the rotor.




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