Verfahren zur Rauchgasentschwefelung, wobei nach einer Naß-Rauchgasentschwefelungsanlage die verunreinigte Waschlösung einer speziellen Behandlung zugeführt wird

Sulphate recovery process for wet exhaust gas desulphurising plant


Method for treating water containing magnesium sulphate with calcium ions so that precipitation occurs and the solid matter is separated from the water, where the novelty is that the magnesium sulphate-laden water (1) is mixed in a vessel (2) with a reduced quantity of calcium hydroxide suspension (3), a proportion of ash, and if desired a flocculating agent (10); solid matter is extracted by sedimentation (13) and/or filtration, e.g. using a filter band (7); the filtrate (8) is partly recirculated into the desulphurisation plant (15), and partly drawn off (8,12) for other uses; and the solid matter (9,14) is used or sent for disposal.




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