Drainage arrangement for press, producing liquids from solids e.g. fruits

Vorrichtung zum Befestigen eines Endes eines Drainageelementes für eine Presse zum Ausscheiden von Flüssigkeiten aus festen Stoffen


A press for pressing liquids from solids, such as fruit, or grapes, has a drain member (2) fastened between a juice collection plate (15) and a support plate (9) in an arrangement in which a sleeve-like filter fastening piece (10) is fixed to the end of a flexible rod-shaped core (3), and a filter tube (4) is mounted in a sleeve-like core holder (6). The core holder itself is mounted in a support pipe (5) which passes through an aperture (7) in the juice collection plate. The inside diameter of the support pipe is enlarged compared with the section in the juice collection plate aperture, so that a gap is formed between the support pipe and the core holder which is sufficient to allow flushing through with a cleaning liquid. The press ensures that product residues are removed by a simple flushing procedure.




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