Nuclear-mechanical process for determn. of and technological applications of atomic structures

Kernmechanisches Verfahren zur Bestimmung und materialwissenschaftlichen Anwendung der Kernstrukturen


Nuclear-mechanical process for the determn. of atomic structures and the technological application of said structures are claimed. Chemical elements of min. atomic mass, A, 40 are considered in terms of trends in the way the nuclear and atomic structures of their isotopes and isomers differ from each other. Esp. interesting are transition metals Ti, Cr, Fe and their homologs Zr, Mo, Hf and W. Isotopic and isomeric sepn. allows the isolation of materials of increased hardness and thermal stability, and, consequently, their use in a multitude of technical applications. In addn., precise knowledge of nuclide structure allows nuclei with suitable chain configurations to be synthetically fused together to produce new, extra heavy, stable nuclei, which do not exist in nature.




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