Aufprallschutzvorrichtung, insbesondere für Insassen von Fahrzeugen

Impact protection device, in particular for the occupants of vehicles


The invention relates to an impact protection device, in particular for the occupants of vehicles, in particular of motor vehicles, comprising a cushion and/or covering cap, airbag, fastening part (e.g. metal retaining plate), electronic or mechanical devices and gas generator; the airbag comprising fabric (e.g. polyamide fabric) with or without a coating, again a fastening part on the gas-inflow side, which fastening part is provided, if appropriate, with a flameguard, and said airbag further comprising a top part (side which makes impact with the occupant) and arresting straps; the ends of the arresting straps being connected to other components or to one another (joints). The essence of the invention consists in the fact that the arresting straps (1', 2') or other components of the airbag have perforations (6), to be precise in the region of the respective joints (3'). A further variant is presented. <IMAGE>




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