Virtuelles phasenselektives Ventil, als Vorrichtung zum Abscheiden den von flüssigen und festen gasgetragenen Teilchen aus dem Luftstrom einer Unterdrucksauganlage, der angesaugt wird

Gas and particle separator assembly forming flow zones of different direction and intensity


A virtual phase-selective valve separates liquid and solid gas-borne particles from a mass of moving air within an assembly maintained at low-pressure by a suction device. Separation occurs within the margin zones of a complex ring-shaped rotating spiral of air achieved by the synergy of shaped components in a particular sequence. Cuff-shaped flow vanes (1; 1-1; 2-1; 3) are so arranged that the air flow is subjected to no static (3; 1-3; 2-3; 3) pressure difference (3; 4) thus eliminating mechanical oscillation and acting as a virtual valve between two different flow zones of different direction and intensity (4;4) and (5;1). Further that the upper section (4; 1-4; 2) incorporates a symmetrically-charged (2; 1a + 2; 1b) centrifuge which ejects (2; 3) gas suspensions by means of the centrifugal force in the upper mass of rotating air (2;2). The ejected particles then descend down the inner face (4; 1-4; 2-4; 3) of the conical narrowing (4; 2) cuff under the influence of gravity. The guidance baffles (4; 1-4; 2-4) are so dimensioned that the gas-borne solid and liquid constituents (2; 3) are accelerated to emerge from the cuff without their helical motion generating an imbalance on the baffles (4; 1-4; 2-4; 3). The particles therefore reach the second flow zone (5; 2) and separate.




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