Penetriermittel und Verfahren zur zerstörungsfreien Werkstoff-Rißprüfung

Penetrating agent, and process for the nondestructive crack testing of materials


The invention relates to a penetrating agent for nondestructive crack testing of materials by the penetration method, in particular for crack testing on materials by the penetration method of DIN 54152, and to a process for carrying out this testing. The penetrating agent contains no mineral oil as solvent and preferably contains no azo dyes. Its composition is from 70 to 91 % by weight of aliphatic alcohols, from 1 to 10 % by weight of emulsifier, from 0.5 to 6 % by weight of dye and </= 6 % by weight of additive, with the penetrating agent composition set at 100 % in each case. The process in which the penetrating agent is employed includes at least the process steps of, if necessary, precleaning, penetration operation, interim cleaning, development operation and inspection.




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