Infinitely variable wrap-round transmission having a sump oil-conveying device

Stufenloses Umschlingsungsgetriebe mit einer Sumpfölfördereinrichtung


In a two-shaft infinitely variable wrap-round transmission, the intention is to improve the efficiency of the transmission by preventing the second conical-disc set (3), arranged on the transmission output shaft (9), from being exposed to a high transmission oil sump (15). According to the invention, it is proposed that a region, assigned to the upper conical-disc set (2), for the formation of a main oil sump (14) and a region, assigned to the lower conical-disc set (3), for the formation of a secondary oil sump (15) are provided in the transmission case (1), that a separating rib (17) extends through the transmission case (1) between the two rotating centres (2, 3), with which separating rib the main oil sump (14) of the upper conical-disc set is separated off from the rotating region of the lower conical-disc set, and that the conical disc (6), firmly seated on the output shaft (9), of the lower conical-disc set (3) is equipped with conveying elements (12) by means of which the oil which accumulates in the secondary oil sump (15) can be transported into the main oil sump (14). <IMAGE>




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