Kommunikationsverfahren und -system mit ressourcenverbrauchsüberwachung und -steuerung

A communications process and system associated with monitoring and controlling resource consumption

Procédé et système de communication associé à la surveillance et la limitation de la consommation de ressources


A method executed by a concentrator connected between a plurality of remote units and a management server, the method including: (i) receiving and storing properties data associated with a remote unit including a microengine and a meter for measuring usage of a resource at a customer's premises, the properties data representing a profile of the remote unit; (ii) receiving message data representing a request associated with the remote unit from the management server; (iii) generating response data representing a response to the request based on the message data and the stored properties data; and (iv) sending the response data to one of the remote unit and the management server, as determined by the request based on the message data.




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