Differential signal transmission line, ic package, and method for testing said differential signal transmission line and ic package

Ligne de transmission de signaux différentiels, boîtier de circuit intégré, et procédé pour tester ladite ligne de transmission de signaux différentiels et ledit boîtier de circuit intégré

Leitung zur übertragung von differenzsignalen, ic-paket sowie verfahren zum testen der leitung zur übertragung von differenzsignalen und des ic-pakets


An IC package (50) includes an integrated circuit (10) for transmitting and receiving a pair of differential signals composed of a signal having positive polarity and a signal having negative polarity, a first signal terminal (41a) for transmitting the signal having positive polarity, a second signal terminal (41b) for transmitting the signal having negative polarity, and a third terminal (43) arranged between the first signal terminal and the second signal terminal. The first and second terminals are electrically connected to the integrated circuit, and the third terminal (43) is not electrically connected to the integrated circuit.




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